Monday morning

Lovely monday morning. I was going to add some more items for sale in my etsy shop but the site is down again. 🙁 I suppose i could go straight down to my basement and make something.
Everything is quieting down here in France. The B and B season has quietened almost over night. All the workers are returning to work and the kids are getting ready to go back to school, enjoying their last week off. It does mean that A and i will now have time to go back and do some more decorating and tiling in the new house. Its been great having august off.

By the way the stuff in the kiln came out well. Haven’t taken any pictures yet but everything was fab, was able to make the necklace for my friends birthday and ive already made up some other jewellery aswell. So when i have worked out how to get rid of a smudged camera lense i’ll take sme pictures and list some new stuff.