Happy New Year

Oh, i’m sorry. Its been so long. Ive had loads to blog but havent got round to actually doing it! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.
Happy New Year!
Random chicken photo, we fed them at christmas and stole their eggs!
This morning i got out of decorating next door and went to Parchemin (not sure of spelling, its a second hand place) in Quillan in the hope of picking up some crockery for my brother. It was a successful trip and i even got some stuff for me, knitting needles and some old magazines from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. So exciting, well it is for me! I love looking at the old pictures and there are loads of patterns.
I have recently got into knitting, i cant believe im writing about this, if my boyfriend reads this he is going to laugh at me so much. Shh, dont tell him. Knitting is really good though, you can do it in front of the telly at night. I have to put a picture up of a scarf i made (yes a scarf, i am a beginner!) just to show my aunty Fran that i have started a knitting project and finished it. I am now making another scarf and i am even following a pattern using the alpaca wool that my aunty Fran sent me for christmas. Its soooo soft and lovely. Ill put up a picture when its done. I know you are all excited too! By the way if anyone would like some lovely alpaca yarn i know where to get some!

Before Christmas i did a few little craft fair events which were lovely, involving some lovely people. I was selling my jewellery. I must list the pieces that are remaining. Ive been putting it off because ive got to photograph it all.
This year i really want to focus on getting more things made. Im itching to get going on my wheel and start throwing some good pots and jugs and big open bowls. Got to tidy my basement a bit first!

First though, I’m going to make a cuppa and have a look though my new/old mags.