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Me made May

Just a few months late! This year I participated in Me Made May which is now rather big in the sewing community. Its a challenge about wearing items that you have made yourself. A way of improving your relationship with stuff you’ve made and to actually wear it! Its up to you how far you want to go with your challenge. I choose to try and wear something I had made every day for the month of May. The challenge is hosted by Zoe from her fabulous blog sozowhatdoyouknow

Flowery silk blouse. i think this originated as a colette sorbetto!

Flowery silk blouse. i think this originated as a colette sorbetto!

Pink silk top. Pattern is Wiksten Tank top

Pink silk top. Pattern is Wiksten Tank top

Firstly it made me get on with my ironing! I had to think about getting dressed a bit more than usual, jeans were worn less! I feel that I succeeded in my challenge in that I did wear something handmade every day. I actually discovered that I have amassed quite a few me made garments. There was one day when I really wanted to wear a ready to wear a denim dress that I had bought so i did and put on some handmade earrings instead to make me feel like i wasn’t going to fail my challenge. Ive added a few photos of some of my handmade clothes that got posted on instagram. My instagram account!
Having dressed myself for a whole month in hand sewn clothes has encouraged me continue in this effort. Most days now i will wear something hand made and it feels good!

Plantain pattern by Deer and Doe. love this t-shirt

Plantain pattern by Deer and Doe. love this t-shirt

Pattern by deer and doe, my grey spotty Sureau

Pattern by deer and doe, my grey spotty Sureau

Bit of sewing occured in May. First pair of shorts! Also wearing loose silk top which I love.

Bit of sewing occurred in May. First pair of shorts! also wearing loose silk top which I love.

Blue silk polka dot top!

Blue silk polka dot top!

Sureau, Pattern by Deer and Doe in Pink Liberty fabric. It was sunny in May!

Sureau, Pattern by Deer and Doe in Pink Liberty fabric.
It was sunny in May!

Second Lilou dress

Thought I’d post a squiffy photo of my second Lilou dress from Love at first stitch. I wanted to remember to take a photo before I went out and drank lots of fizzy! When I wear the dress again I’ll try and get another shot.

The fab fabric which is covered in swirling airplanes was a present for my birthday. Luckily there’s some left over that I can use to make something for my son. I get nagged every time he see’s it. 
Dress is based on the Lilou pattern with a circular skirt attached in place of the skirt on the pattern. It took a few attempts to attach the skirt to the bodice but that was mainly because I wanted to shorten the bodice so the waist was a bit higher. 
I love it and can’t wait to wear it again. Maybe out to lunch tomorrow!

I can bake bread!

Ha ha, I can bake bread. I can’t believe how successful I was and without my bread maker. The bread maker is going to find a new home in the dark basement! 

I am now making bread a couple of times a week. It does mean we eat it all…with butter and jam!
The recipe uses 500 grams of any mix of bread flour/strong flour. 7g of quick dried yeast. (I use half of a little fresh block of bakers yeast), 1 teaspoon of salt, 300ml hand hot water, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 tablespoon runny honey.
Mix it all up or bung it in your mixer with a dough hook, kneed for 5 minutes in mixer, longer if kneeding by hand. 
Squash dough into a loaf tin, leave to rise  covered with oiled cling film in a warm place. It takes about an hour then bung in oven at 180c for half an hour. It should sound hollow when tapped when its done, including the underneath. If its a bit squishy and not crusty underneath put it back in the oven with no tin for a few mins. When I remember where I got the recipe i will post the link!

A diy that didnt last!

A diy that just didnt last! I painted my kitchen chairs to try and give them a new lease of life, they looked good for a while but now they have gone to basement heaven! They ended up looking quite scruffy with chips, scuffs and showed up all the dirt from my busy kitchen. a bad kind of shabby chic. Not sure if painted furniture in the kitchen is the way to go!
I have now kind of given up and bought some new cheap chairs to grace my kitchen. Not very exciting but maybe they will last a bit longer and look better for longer!

Like my chicken table cloth?!

Christmas is coming!

Cripes, I last posted in August. The time is flying. Christmas is coming! Just thought I’d post a pic of my soon to be funky buttons and christmas tree decorations. To the kiln they will go. 

New again chairs

Yee hah, eight of these beauties finally finished. I thought these chairs might have had to be replaced, however a lightbulb moment (not necessarily mine) of making new seats and backs has meant I’ve now got some pretty new chairs again. I love them. A friend who was staying who happened to be a seamstress helped me have the confidence to sort them out. After a bit of measuring and by using the old chair fabric as a template we cut new ones and now I’ve just finished sewing all eight.

It’s not too difficult to do if anyone reading this has got old directors chairs needing a new lease of life. You just need some strong fabric and a sewing machine!

Kitchen chairs

My kitchen chairs have had another revamp. Green instead of pink! Not sure if I can resist some polka dots.

I made up my own version of chalk paint this time. I mixed some emulsion to the colour I wanted and then added a tablespoon full of grout (firstly dissolved in a little water) to one cup of paint. I really love the result and the colour. I can’t really notice any difference to the chalk paint i’ve previously used. 
Cheap emulsion version all the way. What can I paint next!