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Have made beads

Ha Ha, got everything working and have made a few beads. Not great beads mind you. Bit steaky with grey and ive got to work on, well… everything. Think i need some practice. I’m very happy though that i can get on now.
I’ve got a firing of my ceramic beads to do this week so i can then get some glazing done. I’ve got some fab new colours.
I’ll be able to make up loads of new jewellery.


I forgot to put up the photos of what i got up to the other day, so here they are. In the end I made some clay beads which are drying before i fire them. And I glazed a light I made ages ago. Ill have to remember to post pictures of these when they are finished.
Yesterday, a friend wanted to make a stack of garlic musher things as presents for people at a dinner do. I think they should work out. They are round with a rough surface that you rub the garlic clove on to then put on bread or in food. Hope they work.
I’m not sure what to get up to today. Im waiting for the post for an attachment for my torch to connect to a gas bottle so that i can make glass beads. I cant wait…. Doesnt take much to get me excited!