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New creations

Yeay, ive added some new creations to my website. I really like everything ive put up. I’m hoping i’m not the only one!
My favourite i think is this necklace. And these earrings are quite cute. Fab for summer.

There are a pair of earrings that i havent even bothered to put on my site because i decided to keep them myself. I want to keep everything! I love the blue glaze.
Im going to see my family in England tomorrow so i guess ill have to choose some jewellery gifts for the girls!
Hope you enjoy my new creations.
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Opening my kiln

Opening my kiln after a glaze firing always feels like i’m opening presents on my birthday. Its so exciting. Everything turned out how i wanted it to. Ive now got loads of beads to play with and make some fab jewellery. You will soon be able to see the finished pieces on my site . Earrings and necklaces mainly.

Peacock glaze beads


Midnight Mist beads. These turned out much better than i thought they would.
Garlic musher things that my friend wanted to make inside my kiln.

Have made beads

Ha Ha, got everything working and have made a few beads. Not great beads mind you. Bit steaky with grey and ive got to work on, well… everything. Think i need some practice. I’m very happy though that i can get on now.
I’ve got a firing of my ceramic beads to do this week so i can then get some glazing done. I’ve got some fab new colours.
I’ll be able to make up loads of new jewellery.