Monthly Archives: May 2013

Hand made by Anna

My fab friend Anna has turned her hand to a bit a crafty creativity. She’s got herself a sewing machine and is making beautiful and very trendy personalised bunting and little bags and blankets for little ones. Take a look at her Facebook page.


Kitchen chairs

My kitchen chairs have had another revamp. Green instead of pink! Not sure if I can resist some polka dots.

I made up my own version of chalk paint this time. I mixed some emulsion to the colour I wanted and then added a tablespoon full of grout (firstly dissolved in a little water) to one cup of paint. I really love the result and the colour. I can’t really notice any difference to the chalk paint i’ve previously used. 
Cheap emulsion version all the way. What can I paint next!


It’s been years! Just wanted to post some pics of things I’ve been making. Took a while to remember how to do it!

I found DIY tutorials all over the web for this one. I couldn’t resist making one especially as my pins were in a mess!
Basically you need a jar, needle and thread, a favourite piece of fabric, some pretty ribbon or bias binding, a handful of wadding and a glue gun. 
Cut a circle of fabric (I used a plate a bit bigger than the lid), use running stitch around the edge so you can gather it all together in a ball with the wadding squashed in the middle.
Put hot glue over the top of the jar lid and press the fabric and wadding ball into the glue.
Glue ribbon around the edge of the lid. 
There you have a fab little jar for your pins and a handy pin cushion for when you need it.