Monthly Archives: June 2009

Have had a fab weekend. A little cocktail party which i think went down well. I had my photo taken and put up on vanilla’s blog.
I’ve sold some pieces aswell so am excited to get making some more. Ive got some beads on the go waiting to be fired.
Luckily my basement is lovely and cool.

My birthday

It was my birthday at the weekend so we all went for a bike ride along the canal du midi starting at Trebes. It was a really great day. Thanks everyone.

Busy painting and playing with alpaca wool

I haven’t been creating very much lately. I’m busy painting huge rooms. Check out my ceiling heights!

Had a quick go at felting with alpaca fleece. It was a real experiment with no previous experience. I reckon i need another go at it. I even tried to make a beret but its turned out quite big and floppy, thin in places and not much cop really. I already know i need to lay it out differently. Maybe i need to get a book!
My alpaca wool came from my my aunties alapaca farm in Cambridgeshire
A picture of a Nina alpaca and her baby.