My pots since however have been a little more challenging. As in they have all failed. Oh, well nevermind, i’ll just have to keep trying!!
My boyfriend laughs at me actually, says i’m geekier than him, for being hooked to utube. And in particular clips of Simon Leach throwing pots in his studio in Spain. I think they are good and quite funny. If you want any pottery tips search for Simon Leach pottery on utube. This is one of his clips:
I actually quite fancy going down there for a course and maybe i would become more successful with my pot making!!

I reclaimed a big load of jewellery from somewhere where it was displayed this morning. I’m actually pleased to see all the jewellery that i had made, I had forgotten what i had! Some things sold but not enough! So I think I am going to try again with Etsy. I had a half hearted attempt some time ago, so time to try again! Any tips or hints?

Oh, i love the picture of Vanilla on her Blog. Summer sunflowers.